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• Postcards, envelopes, invitations, letterhead/letters, brochures, booklets, etc.
• Variable printing on letters, envelopes, postcards, membership cards, etc.
• 4-Color, 2-Color or Black Ink
• Any size jobs: small or large
• Fast turn around always available

Personalize your mail pieces  
And increase your chances of being read

Personalize salutations, names, signatures, addresses, logos, charts, photographs, maps, membership cards, etc.

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Experience: direct mail vendor since 1983
Technology: Newest Hardware, Latest Software
Know when the mail gets delivered 
With our mail delivery tracing tool

So you can prepare for responses via email, social media and phone calls.

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Mail Production

- Our Machine Room includes:

inkjet printers, folding machines, tabbing machines, inserters, stamping machines, strapping machines, metering machine, cutters, staplers, collator, etc.

- Our employees are always ready for

any types of hand assembly work however complex.

Mailing List

Lists selections may include:
• Resident List (zip code & carrier route)
• Consumer list by demographics
• Business list with many list options
• Compiled list of multiple sources
• Subscriber and Donor lists
• MAPPING included

The Key to any mailings is the mailing list: 

Compile your house list from respondents.
Work your house list with involvements.
Understand your list by analyzing patterns.
Then, use results for list rental selection.
Your problem is our challenge...
We find solutions.
Only One Stop:
All steps of a mailing campaign
In one single location
Keep your list Clean and Updated
To reduce your mailing costs

- Request up to date addresses
- Demand Duplicates elimination
- Address standardization
- Do not mail to non-active records
- Removal of do-not-mail & deceased records

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Data Services

-  Mailing List Prep Work

NCOA, CASS, standardization  
Merge-purge, duplicate check 
Preference list

- Programming, Scanning, Survey Entry

- List maintenance

Data base set-up
Data entry, additions, deletions, 
Keep list up-to-date 

- USPS Prep Work

Presort services
Obtain a Mailer ID
Barcode reply mail

Neighborhood Mailings

The prepackaged services include
Mapping + List + Printing + Mailing:

• Advertise with postcards locally 
• EDDM - Every Door Direct Mail
• For ABC License application mailing

A Neighborhood Mailing is 
designed to reach every home, 
every address, every time.    

Direct Mail Center process these orders 
in usually 1-2 business days.
Fast service for a quick response

You would like to process your own mailing.
However, please know that by letting
Direct Mail Center handle the mail work,
you usually will save money!

Contact a sales assistant today.
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Our creative team of experts can assist you with graphic design, copy writing, strategic direct mail marketing, fundraising consultancy and list selection to make your direct mail campaign a success. 

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-       One-Stop-Vendor: Direct Mail Center manages all or any steps of a direct mail campaign
-       Experience: direct mail vendor since 1983
-       Technology: we always invest in the newest & best technologies in software & hardware
-       Solutions: our focus is to come up with ideas and solutions to any situations
-       Variable Printing: with our programmers, software & printers, your job is in good hands
-       See here what clients are saying...

-       Not a dream: imagine a vendor that does it all for you and you save found it
-       RUSH service available: contact us for feasibility
-       Location: close by downtown San Francisco; off Mariposa Street exit on Fwy 280
-       Long Hours: M-F 8-6; you can drop by anytime
-       Pick up and delivery service throughout the San Francisco Bay Area
-       MBE / WBE / SBE / LBE certified for the city/county of San Francisco and the state of California
-       Have a printing or mailing emergency? Call us for HELP and we'll work on getting the job done
-      Fast turn around and Quality products