Mailing List

Direct Mail Center can do the research to help you get the best available mailing list whether your mailing requires a resident list covering every address in a targeted area or a demographic list targeting specific age, income or other criteria.
We offer the following lists:
Resident/Occupant List
  • Includes every addresses in the target area
  • Available in the 50 States of the USA
  • Qualifies for absolute minimum postage at the carrier route saturation/walk sequence rate
  • Updated monthly from postal data
  • Exact area selected by radius, multi-radius, or geo-mapping specific block by block selections; this is the most sophisticated method of mapping available to reach the exact targets on a map
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Consumer List
  • Resident List with actual name instead of "resident" when available
  • Built by cross matching the Resident List with a national database of over 95 millions U.S. households
  • Geo-mapping is available
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Demographic List
  • Based on geographic information
  • Selections include household income, head of household age, home value, etc.
  • Qualify for carrier route rates (no saturation)
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Business List
  • Selection by SIC code, employee counts, yearly sales, etc., compiled from Yellow Pages data and updated with telemarketing information.
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Donor List
  • Select from non-profit organizations ready for list exchange sorted by type of mission
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Subscriber List
  • Select from magazines that fit your product or services perfectly
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TRG List
  • This is a single, shared database of audience information collected from San Francisco Bay Area arts organizations of varying sizes and disciplines. Once you join, you can exchange names pretty easily.
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Buyer List
Email List
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