Due to the epidemic created by the coronavirus ("COVID-19"), the City and County of San Francisco has ordered all individuals living in the county to shelter at their place of residence, except they may leave to provide essential services. These exceptions includes mailing and shipping services (Order of the Health Officer No. C19-07 section 10.f.x). Therefore Direct Mail Center will remain open till further notice.



Mailing Lists & List Enhancement

Mailing Lists quality are the keys to Direct Mail success.

Acquisitions: we offer many types of lists.

House lists: we process all data enhancements needed.

Mailing Lists


The right leads are at your reach: simply complete an online List Request, or contact our Expert Support Team.

Selection includes:
• Residents – Radius/ Carrier Route
• Neighborhood Mapping
• Qualified Consumer list
• Industry-leading Business list
• "NEW" movers, homeowners, businesses
• Subscriber and Donor lists
• California ABC 500ft radius lists

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Data Enhancement


NCOA, CASS, Standardization, Merge-purge, Presorting services, Obtain Mailer ID, Barcode reply mail, Duplicate records removal, DMA Preference & Deceased List, Tracing links

Additional Services:
• List Maintenance: Data entry, Survey entry
• List Analysis: Defines the person on your list
• Response Analysis: Tabulation of responses
• Manipulation of a House List: Programming Email
• E-Marketing: Blast email marketing

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• Quality Work & Mailed On Schedule

• Complete & Easy Quote Requests

• Solutions for Printing & Mailing

• Rush Service Available

• Fast Turn Around
• For Any or All Steps of a Direct Mail Campaign

• We Want Direct Mail Campaigns to Succeed

• Quality Control throughout Job Processing

• You Have Questions - We Have Answers

• We Answer All Direct Mail Questions



The mail piece is what recipients will hold in their hand.
You decide on how to reach them the right way with:

--> Variable Data Mail Pieces
--> Generic Mail Pieces


Variable Data Printing

It has been proven that direct mail response can be improved by using personalization efficiently. If you have information available on your list, DMC can use it to produce superior mail pieces.

Out latest technologies, IT Dpt programming abilities and high quality color printers enable you to send out beautifully personalized mail pieces.

Variable information can be:
• Name & address, salutation
• Past gift or purchases
• Suggested upgrades or new purchases
• Pictures
• Signers
• Entire paragraphs.

Variable-print documents are set-up and proofs are always sent electronically to you for final approval prior to start printing. Live proofs can also be produced to check print and paper quality. We start printing when we get your approval.

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Generic Printing

From digital or offset printing, the best choice for each project will depend on factors such as deadline, quantity, budget, and how you desire the finished piece to look.

Direct Mail Center prints:
• Postcards, letters, envelopes, brochures, booklets, business cards, newsletters, fliers, notices
• Color or black printing, incl. 4-color envelopes
• Bindery, perforations, scoring, round corners, dye cuts, book binding, numbering, etc.
• Eco-friendly printing, recyclable toner, soy-based inks, recycled paper
• Short run or large size job
• Offset and digital

For all print orders, proofs are send to client for approval.

Digital press check on-premise is always available.

Turn Around: tell us when you need it so we can schedule your order accordingly.

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Our Clients

We work with an array of clients from all over the Bay Area.


DMC handles mail campaigns of any sizes, any type of mail pieces or packages sent to anywhere.

After the job is delivered to the USPS, DMC sends you Tracing information for automated mail so delivery dates can be simultaneously programmed with other marketing & media campaigns.

Mail Production


From a simple postcard mailing to a complex 3-way match envelope package, Direct Mail Center processes any orders done with an array of machines from folding to inserting in envelopes, to injet addressing, to tabbing, etc. in combination with some hand work for special and other detailed jobs.

Why Choose DMC?
• Small enough to answer the phone and be friendly
• Big enough to handle a million pieces mailing
• Each action is QC'd by 2 supervisors
• All machine operators have 20+ years of experience.
• Quotations are sent fast; and fast job processing
• Rush order available.

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For books, magazines, product samples, tubes, or fancy boxes assembly...your needs are the limits. Best solution for shipping the same items to a mailing list.

Why Choose DMC?
• Warehousing on site
• All printing and mailing to do the job
• Data entry
• Inventory reporting on-demand
• FedEx Tracking or USPS Tracing of packages
• All services done in-house for complete control
• We welcome clients to visit our location.

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Our Staff

We have an amazing dedicated staff,
many of whom have been with us for over 20 years.
Contact us in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Vietnamese or Tagalog.

Our Staff

Our Toolkit

A well organized campaign will save you time and money in the long run. We offer a number of tools that can help your project run smoothly, on schedule and on budget.

Postal Service Related

Want to access a group of handy post office tools? The most efficient & easy postage reference chart available, even postal workers come in to get theirs! We have postage calculators, non-profit info, and more!

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Campaign Management

A well organized campaign will save you time and money in the long run. We provide a multitude of tools to help you create a campaign that runs smoothly from start to finish.

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ABC Application (California)

To obtain your liquor license with the California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), DMC provides lists, printing, & neighborhood notification mailing.

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Our Tweets

Check out our thoughts on our twitter account. Keep updated with tips, tools, and other amazing information!

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Tips & Tricks

Check out our general tips and tricks for your business to get the most out of print marketing.

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Green Your Mailing

We are the perfect place for the organizations searching to develop innovative ways to improve the sustainability of their direct mail campaigns while maintaining increased return on investment.

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About Us

Over 35 years of experience

Direct Mail Center is a one-stop vendor for all direct mail products & processing: list, printing, graphic design, mail prep, pick-up & delivery, all the way to the USPS. Competitive pricing, quality products, fast turn-around and 35 years experience. One account rep to work with at all time making communication very simple. Your questions will find solutions...No Problem! Detailed quotes are sent promptly for fast decision making and easy comprehension.

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