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The security of client’s name, data & material in its facility are of paramount importance to Direct Mail Center (DMC):

  1. Client’s Name Security:
    • DMC does not share any name of clients or prospective clients with any outside companies.
    • DMC will use the information given strictly to supply detail quotations as client/prospect requests it.
    • DMC Account Managers, Accounting Staff or General Manager will be the only staff in communication with the clients/prospects.
  2. Data Security:
    • All PCs are password protected and secured when not in use.
    • All employees are trained on data security, and have signed Nondisclosure Confidentiality agreements.
    • All new employees are hired only after a satisfactory background check.
    • When an employee terminates his employment, his information system privilege will cease to work.
    • DMC has developed documentation procedures on data modifications and programming changes.
    • DMC uses standard firewall and anti-virus software for complete security.
    • DMC has backup procedures in place for the security of client data in case of software or hardware failure. For a reliable system backup, multiple series are maintained for daily, weekly, and monthly backups. The backup copies are kept in a locked safe in and off-site location in the event of disaster at the primary location. DMC maintains an updated backup register specifying the date & series.
    • Secure documents are kept in locked rooms and shredded when disposed. 
    • DMC printing & mailing machines have maintenance contracts & receive regular maintenance calls.
    • All mail jobs are verified by the Account Manager and by the Production Manager to ensure reconciliation with the original data file.
  3. Facility Security:
    • All visitors are identified and escorted inside our facility.
    • Surveillance cameras monitor our facility 24/7.
    • Security monitoring is handled by a third party.

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