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Accounting Items

Payment Terms

  • New clients: 50% of the quote is due when placing an order; the balance is due prior to mail drop.
  • Upon credit approval, Net 30 day for services & products; postage cost: prepayment
NOTE: Jobs cannot be brought to the USPS without postage.

Credit Application

Email (or fax) completed Credit Application

Payment Options - Postage and/or Invoices

  • Check (count 4 business days for check to clear) or cash
  • Credit Card (Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover): request your login info from your salerep. Note: an add'l 4% convenience fee will be charged by the credit card processing company.
  • PayPal via PayPal Invoice - ask your salerep(PayPal fee +/- 3%)
  • ACH Fund Transfer: complete ACH Authorization Form indicating your bank account number; Direct Mail Center will initiate the electronic debit from the client’s bank account (add'l $20 fee)

Payment Options - Postage Only

  • Postal Stamps supplied for your specific job
  • Postage Account at the USPS: $225 to open account, plus $225 yearly; postal account needs to be funded. See here for more information.
  • Postage Credit Account at Direct Mail Center: this gives you access to your postage money rather simply. You estimate and send to Direct Mail Center the amount of postage needed for a certain period. The postage used and the remaining balance will appear on all invoices. And you refill the account when it gets low. If you want a refund, a check is sent to you promptly.
  • CAPS Account with the US Postal Service (see here)...and everything will then be automatic and without worry. CAPS stands for Centralized Account Processing System.
  • EasyPermit Postage with Pitney Bowes Bank: Apply for EasyPermit Postage using Direct Mail Center Mailing House ID Number (call or for the ID #); available online 24/7; orders made by noon are available the following morning.

California Sales Tax

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