Quick and Easy Direct Mail Campaigns for Maximum Results

Easy Personal Letter Campaigns... 2-Day Turn Around

Mail simple personalized letter documents with a 2-day turn around.

IN by 10 a.m. on Day-1, OUT at the post office on Day-2 (business days are M-F; PST).


  • The Letter: a one-page mailmerged document laser printed in black on 24# white paper
  • The Envelope: a #10 double window envelope—24# white wove
  • The Mailing:
    • for any quantities: metered first-class presort mail
    • for over 5000 pieces, metered marketing bulk mail also available
  • Required: min. 500 pieces per job; max. 100,000+* pieces

Easy Personal Letter Campaign

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Start your letter campaign now.

Step #1: Format your letter to fit this template. This is how it will print. Include logo and signature in the Word Doc.

Step #2: Format your database in an Excel or similar format with the following fields Format your database in an Excel or similar format with the following fields:

  1. Return Name
  2. Return Address1 (or company)
  3. Return Address2
  4. Return City
  5. Return State
  6. Return Zip code
  7. Return Country
  8. Salutation
  9. Mail Name
  10. Mail Address1 (or company)
  11. Mail Address2
  12. Mail City
  13. Mail State
  14. Mail Zip code
  15. Mail Country

All fields need to be present, even without data.

Step #3: Log-in and E-mail us letter & database.

Step #4: You will be given your total job cost; make your payment—see methods mentioned under Accounting Items

Step #5: You will receive proofs via e-mail; once approved, the job will be processed.

* Over 100,000 pieces, additional work day will be needed.

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