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Just fill in the blanks so a quote can be e-mailed to you quickly. Every job is different. Describe the job in details.
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The more information you give about you and your project, the better we can assist you.

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Mailing Campaign Information

  1. Describe the job to perform:
  2. Job includes:

    Printing     Personalized letter     Mailing     Mailing List     Data entry     Merge-purge list     Lists    
  3. How many database are there?
  4. Type of Mail piece (choose one):

    Envelope     Postcard     Flier     Catalog    
  5. Mailing piece sizes:
  6. Coated stock? Yes No
  7. Approx. piece weight: oz
  8. Preprinted postal indicia? Yes No
  9. Class of mail? (choose one):

    First-class      Presorted First-class      Marketing Bulk      Other:     
  10. Is this a Non Profit mailing (must have the NP status with the USPS)? Yes No
  11. Quantity of pieces to be processed and mailed? Required
  12. How many pieces to insert in envelope, if any?
  13. Any folding? Yes No
  14. If you supply labels, are they in zip code order? Yes No
  15. Additional information

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