Quick and Easy Direct Mail Campaigns for Maximum Results

E-mail Blast

Using your e-mail database, Direct Mail Center allows you to reach your clients and your prospect clients
using our e-mail technology. From a simple text letter to visually grabbing HTML documents,
your message will be designed from your basic Word, inDesign or pdf file with the hyperlinks.
Once prep’d up, you will receive a proof e-mail. Once approved, the campaign will be broadcasted
to the email list at your requested day and time.

Improve Your Response!

A basic email campaign will bring some results.
A direct mail campaign will bring a better response per contact reached.
A direct mail campaign combined with an email campaign will improve even more the response.

In addition, with the physical addresses mailing list, we will match these to their IP address.
Now we can start a web advertising campaign to these IP addresses at the same time as your direct mail campaign.

Click here for a quote. If you need assistance please call 415-252-1600 to speak with one of our email specialists.

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