Quick and Easy Direct Mail Campaigns for Maximum Results

Mailing Lists

The value of a mailing is split in 60/30/10 percentages; that’s 60% of the value of a mailing is for the list,
30% for the product (or cause), and 10% for the way it is presented. So, the list selection is the most important
item for the success of a direct mail campaign.

When some mailings may only need a Resident file covering every mail deliveries in a targeted area,
others may need serious list research to pull a good response. Direct Mail Center will assist you to
find the best possible lists for your needs.

But always remember the motto of a successful direct marketer: TESTING, TESTING & TESTING!

Following is a list of Direct Mail Center areas of expertise:

Mailing List Improvements

Please go to Data Services to improve your list and increase your ROI.

Resident/Occupant List

  • Includes ever addresses in the target area
  • Available in the 50 States of the USA
  • Qualifies for absolute min. postage at the Carrier Route Saturation/Walk Sequence rate
  • Updated monthly from postal data
  • Exact area selected by radius, multi-radius, or Geo-mapping specific block by block selection: this is the most
    sophisticated method of mapping available to reach the absolute exact target on a map
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Consumer List

  • Resident List with actual name instead of "resident" when available
  • Built by cross matching the Resident List with a national database of over 95 millions U.S. households
  • Geo-mapping is also available (see Resident list above)
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Demographic List

  • Based on geographic information
  • Selects includes household income, head of household age, home value, etc.
  • Qualify for Carrier Route rates (no saturation)
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Business List

  • Selection by SIC code, employee counts, yearly sales, etc., compiled from Yellow Pages data and
    updated with telemarketing information.
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Donor List

  • Non-profit organizations are always ready for list exchange by contacting them directly
  • Sorted by type of mission
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Subscriber List

  • Magazine that fits your product or services perfectly
  • Consider advertising & mailing to subscribers
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TRG List

  • This is a single, shared database of audience information collected from San Francisco Bay Area arts
    organizations of varying sizes and disciplines. Once you join, you can exchange names pretty easily.
  • to reach the TRG List or for more information

Buyer List

Compiled mostly from catalogers

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Email List

  • Email list for your request
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* * *


  • Mailing lists are rented for one time use. Some list owners allow their lists to be purchased for one year
    unlimited use (taxable).
  • Rented lists cannot be supplied electronically to client.
  • Donor, Subscriber and Buyer List Managers may require a sample mailer prior to list rental approval. Turn around
    time is usually 2-3 days unless rental approval is required when it might be longer.
  • Other list restrictions may apply.

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