Quick and Easy Direct Mail Campaigns for Maximum Results

NCOA: National Change Of Address

  • To be used PRIOR to mailing
  • The cost is a variable charge per record to Direct Mail Center
  • This process is licensed by the post office
  • Is used to obtain the new addresses of movers; it goes back 48 months
  • Processed live & is returned to client with complete reporting for easy update
  • Keeping your database up-to-date is a requirement of the postal service; you need to guarantee the list has been updated within 95 days prior to mailing

ACS: Address Change Service

  • To update your list AFTER a mailing
  • Allows you to obtain the new addresses of movers by return mail to update your mailing list.
  • They is no cost to Direct Mail Center for the service (client pays the postal carrier per return mail pieces); if this is the service you wish to use, and the mail pieces do not have the preprinted endorsement, Direct Mail Center will print it during the addressing process—specify in your quote request for proper quotation

MPS: Mail Preference Service

  • This is based on a Direct Marketing Association residential file of consumers who do not wish to receive promotional mail at home.

DDNC: Deceased Do Not Contact list

  • This service reduces the amount of commercial solicitations that are addressed to deceased individuals and can be removed permanently

RRDF: Recently Recorded Deceased File

  • Similar to the DDCN but constructed from various other sources, it is an additional service

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