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Variable Printing

Direct Mail Center processes any size jobs: from small runs of a few letters to job of 500,000+ pieces. The latest technology software & hardware gives you the best print quality. Proofs are e-mailed to clients prior to print job starts. Live samples can also be shipped for client’s final review if requested.

Mailmerged Letters (Includes variables positioned anywhere on the document):

  • Black Print only:
      • On existing letterhead: Paper sizes: monarch, 8.5x11″, 8.5x14″ or 11x17″ sheets or letterhead
      • Printing of the entire letter & letterhead for any letter sizes
  • Color Printing:
      • Laser printing the entire mailmerged document in full 4-color
      • Offset printing the letterhead (with blue signature & pictures) and laser printing the text with variables around it in black

Extreme Personalization:

  • Many entirely different types of letters or documents are programmed, merged & printed into one single job:
      • Government documents with different return address locations, for different company departments and targeting entirely different recipients
      • Many types of notices all merged as one single job
      • Sorting is for absolutely minimum postage including detailed reporting
      • pdf copies are produced & returned to client in selected formats
  • Entire personalized pamphlets or booklets are merged, printed & bounded
  • Redesign of organization personalized programs, improved and simplified with precise programming


  • Laser printing of any type of invoices, using client’s letterhead or simply starting from blank paper
  • Client merges the documents, Direct Mail Center to processing printing & mailing products

Statements or Acknowledgment:

  • Printing to be done on client’s letterhead or on blank paper

Membership Cards Permanent Printing:

  • Laser printing of cards attached onto letterhead…personalized simultaneously
  • Permanent addressing of membership card
  • Membership cards, discount card with magnetic strip, etc.

Using Signatures:

  • Perfect signatures can be printed in black, blue or any color.
  • Variable signature based on letter version, all mailmerged as one job
  • Printing of any quantity of signatures simultaneously

Using Logos or Pictures:

  • Company logo
  • Pictures strategically positioned and variable, printed in black, 1 color, duotone or 4 color

Using Barcode:

  • Postal: Intelligent mail barcode, Postnet barcode
  • 3 of 9, or any needed barcode


  • Program designing to simplify a job
  • Programmers on staff at all time

Word processing

If you need assistance please call 415-252-1600 to speak with one of our variable printing specialists.
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