Quick and Easy Direct Mail Campaigns for Maximum Results

Mail Production

From a simple postcard mailing to a complex 3-way match package, Direct Mail Center processes all your mailing
orders. Most jobs are handled by machine like inserting 6 pieces inside a #10 envelope, or folding an 11x17" sheet
to a nicely presented 8.5x5.5" newsletter. Non-machinable orders are processed carefully by hand.

Direct Mail Center specializes in the following:

  • Direct inkjet addressing
  • Machine folding
  • Machine inserting
  • Machine tabbing
  • Machine stamping
  • Machine scoring
  • Hand assembly

The success of Direct Mail Center is based on:

  • Multiple quality control at each step of a job
  • Assign the right job to the right employee
  • Respect deadlines

Machines available:

  • Collater: collates up to 24 pieces
  • Cutter: for trimming, or cutting to special size
  • Folder: fast speed right angle folding machine
  • Inserter: inserts up to 6 pieces in envelopes up to a #11 size
  • Stamping: affix basic stamps for 1st class and Marketing bulk mail (profit & non-profit)
  • Labeler: affix pressure sensitive labels
  • Sealer: fold envelope flaps and seal envelopes
  • Meter: franchises postage
  • Tabber: affix one, two or three tabs on the edge or on top of mailing pieces

Click here for a quote. If you need assistance please call 415-252-1600 to speak with one of our mail
production specialists.

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