Quick and Easy Direct Mail Campaigns for Maximum Results


Direct Mail Center can assist you with many types of direct mail campaigns or products such as:

  • Appeal or acquisition, generic or with multi personalization campaign…see at Quick Letter Campaigns
  • Renewal program processed monthly, quarterly or yearly…go to Quick Letter Campaigns
  • Personal URL (PURL) to be incorporated in a direct mailing and/or e-mail blast... your idea so it will get developed & done to increase your response dramatically
  • Printing and mailing of acknowledgment of donations…go to Quick Letter Campaigns and at Easy Personal Letter Campaigns
  • Mailing of newsletters with donation remittance envelopes…see at Quick Newsletter Campaigns
  • Sending out an invitation package for an event…go to Quick Invitation Campaigns
  • Quick postcard color printing & mailing…see at Quick Postcard Campaigns
  • Posters color printing…see at Digital & Offset Printing
  • Save-the-Date card printing & mailing…see at Quick Postcard Campaigns
  • Assistance in obtaining a non-profit status with the U.S. Post Service…go to About Non-Profit Org. Status in section Post Office
  • Membership cards permanent imprinting and mailing…find this in Variable Printing
  • Mail tracking for national mailing campaign with intelligent mail barcode… your needs
  • Phones & e-mail appending to your donor list…go to Mail List Works
  • E-Mail Blast for quick response…see at E-Mail Blast
  • Need to design + schedule + budget + quote your direct mail campaign? Go to Project Management Tools
  • Need an environmentally correct direct mail campaign? Go to Green Your Mailings
  • Can you increase your response and decrease your cost at the same time? Call 415-252-1600

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