Quick and Easy Direct Mail Campaigns for Maximum Results


Direct Mail Center process any parts of your political direct mail campaigns with items such as:
  • A quick Direct Mail Campaign…Request a quote on-line or on-the-phone at 415-252-1600
  • Registered Voters or any other types of Mailing Lists
  • Printing and Mailing Generic or Personalized Letters
  • Printing and Mailing of Letters, Postcards, Newsletters, or Invitations…make your selection & request a quote
  • Printing and Mailing Invitations to small or large gatherings…we print & mail fast
  • Printing Fliers or Posters…we do it all! Click here for a quote
  • Printing by a Union Printer…while we are not a union shop (no mail house in the San Francisco area is), Direct Mail Center works as print broker with local union printers… and request a job printed by a Union printer

Direct Mail Center wants to make your political direct mail easy:
  • Do you need quick turn around…Direct Mail Center is all about Quick Processing & Quality Workmanship
  • Do you want to work with only one account manager? See how we do it at 1 on 1 Customer Service
  • Are postal regulations are making you crazy…see the simplified basic rules at Post Office, or just call 415-252-1600
  • Want a politically correct mailing? Visit our Green Your Mailings suggestions
  • Want to mail a job “yesterday”? Direct Mail Center may just turn back the clock…call 415-252-1600 for surprises
  • Need it cheap? We always guarantee minimum postage; where you need our prices to be and we’ll let you know quickly if we can meet it
  • HELP! You need someone to talk to about your specific needs…call 415-252-1600

Request a quote on-line or on-the-phone at 415-252-1600 today

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