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About Non-Profit Organization Status

  1. How to obtain a new non-profit status with your local post office:
    Customer to submit form PS 3624 along with the supporting documents - IRS letter, articles of incorporation including the Secretary of State seal, newsletter, brochures, minutes of meetings, etc…, to the post office of mailing. Customer can apply online if they have a Business Customer Gateway access*
  2. How to add a post office of mail entry to a non-profit organization:
    If a customer has already the non-profit status at one post office and wishes to enter their mail at another post office, they need to submit form PS 3623 to the post office of mailing along with the original authorization number (not the permit number).
  3. How to find out the postage account balance on a postal account:
    • Customer can call their office where their permit is held, or
    • By accessing the Business Customer Gateway from usps.com*
  4. How to find out if a non-profit org. already has the non-profit status:
    The customer needs to check with their local Mailing Requirements office or Bulk Mail unit.
  5. How to find what post office location a company has a non-profit status and their original non-profit status:
    The customer needs to check with their local Mailing Requirements office or Bulk Mail unit.
  6. Your non-profit organization is moving temporarily during a remodeled. How to make sure your mail will be accepted at the non-profit status using the temporary address? You need to provide a letter to the Postmaster for change of address now and submit another letter to change back when ready.
  7. When you want to add a new fictitious name (or dba – “Doing Business As”) to your non-profit company and still benefit from the special non-profit postal rates, follow these steps:
    • Apply for the new dba or fictitious name with the City or County you are at (for San Francisco, see here)
    • Re-apply for the non profit status with the USPS this new name (see item 1.). When completing the form #3624, on page-2, under the section saying "The name on all the documents presented as evidence must match the name on the application. If they do not match, please explain," mark that you are adding the new DBA to mail at the non-profit.

(*) To obtain a Business Customer Gateway access, go to www.usps.com; at the bottom right corner, click onto Business Customer Gateway and apply. Your application will be reviewed for approval by the proper USPS department and you will be notified.

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